Thursday, November 13, 2014


 Old work smith shop at Pilgrim Hot Springs from the early 1900's.  More recently used by the Green family to process subsistence game meats.  Information obtain through Louie Green Jr.

 Common Red Poll near Pilgrim Hot Springs in Nome, Alaska

 Early 1900's Catholic Church at Pilgrim Hot Springs near Nome, Alaska

Old orphanage at Pilgrim Hot Springs near Nome, Alaska

Photo taken at Pilgrim Hot Springs
Kigluaik Mountains near Pilgrim Hot Springs

Heading home from Pilgrim

 Jelly Fish washed up onto the beach of Nome during low tide.

 Jelly Fish

 Seal hunters returning home to Unalakleet after a long day out at sea.

 View of the mountains in Unalakleet

 Northern lights above Norton Sound Health Corporation in Nome, Alaska

Nothern lights above Swanberg Dredge in Nome, Alaska

Swanberg Dredge at sunset in Nome, Alaska

"Last Train to No Where" near Solomon, Alaska

 frost after a winter storm

 Eskimo Blanket Toss during 4th of July Festivities

 Posing with Velvet Eyes

 Bering sea brewing

 Just a taste

 Salmon Lake

 Tundra Blueberries

 Salmon Lake

 Sunset on the Nome-Teller Hwy

 Kids at play

 Dancing with Aurora


 Beach glass


 last one

 I scream for ice cream at the Fireman's hall during 4th of July festivities

Musk Oxen

 4th of July fireworks in Nome, Alaska during the midnight sun

 Kinley our husky mix

 Sledge Island

 Fall Sunset

 Bering Sea

 Old rusted truck stuck in the sand

 Fish rack in Unalakleet

 AJ Savidis coming off the coast of the Bering sea heading to Nome during Iditarod 2015

 Swanberg Dredge in Nome, AK