Monday, November 2, 2015

Senior Photos: Sam Cross

Sam is a friend of my son, Jeremy,  Sam entered into Jeremy's life a few years ago and we are blessed to know Sam because he has been a wonderful influence on Jeremy.  Most of the kids at school know Sam because he's involved in everything, and I mean everything, from being Student Body President, acting in the local community play, and being on the wrestling team just to name a few.

Even with Sam's busy schedule he finds time to relax and hang out with Jeremy.

As a thank you to Sam and his parents here are his senior pictures.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Senior Photos: The Horner Twins

My son Jeremy has a great group of friends, the best of friends, a mother could ever asked for.  Two of them being the Horner twins.  They have been friends, of Jeremy, since Kindergarten (or 1st grade, I can't remember).  Jeremy has always been smaller than the rest of the boys, a bit of a home body, and speaks with a speech impediment.  The twins have grown up into fine young men thanks to their parents.  They have always looked out for Jeremy, encouraged him, and have involved him in extracurricular activities.

When I watch my son leave the house with these boys I know he is safe and that I don't have to worry too much about what they're up to.

So as a thank you to James, Nolan, and their parents; here are their senior photos:



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Favorite Photos of 2015

 Senior photo of my son Jeremy

 Salmon Lake Campground

 Paddle boarding in Salmon Lake

 Fish Rack in Unalakleet

 White Alices on top of Anvil Mountain

 Kigliuk Mountains

 First flowers of the summer.

 Musk Oxen

 Anvil City Square with Old Saint Joe's in the back ground.

 My daughter Addison.  Eskimo Blanket Toss.

 Old tricycle at Pilgrim Hot Springs



 Tundra Blueberries

 Baby Dani

 Grimmer Family

 Graber Family
 Graber Family posing with a beached Walrus

 Baby Shaylene
Graber Family snowball fight.


 Dorothy Falls

 Pilgrim River

 my daughter Addison

Blueberry picking

 The old cabin at Salmon Lake

 Salmon Lake

 Salmon Lake

Salmon Lake Campground